Sans Sleeper Comic Colored 3

COMIC: The Adventures of Sans Sleeper Episode 1: Boozin’ & Losin’

Somnia contributor Molly Davis and editor Max Smith take us through a late night journey in The Adventures of Sans Sleeper, an original Somnia comic. To view a larger PDF of the comic, click this link:

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The Science of Slumber

Most doctors probably have an idea of where they might end up in the medical field. They train for a specialty, whether it’s cardiology or anesthesiology, and stay put. For sleep medicine, that’s not always…

This local startup doesn't let the sssdude slow down.

Up (Almost) All Night

The sweet smell of fried dough and sugar fills the air inside Sssdude-Nutz on 14th Avenue SE in Minneapolis. Handwritten chalkboard notes and a menu with donut names that range from things like “The Sandlot”…

Turns out it's probably not a good idea to binge watch Netflix before bed.

Digital Disturbances

How to manage screen time for a better night’s sleep and a better day. It’s 11:45 a.m. and the only light in your room is coming from your laptop as you finish watching that “I-swear-to-god-this-is-the-last-episode”…

Exploring the weird world of parasomnias.

Bizarre in Bed

Imagine that you’re at the end of a long night’s sleep. You find yourself in the same place you drifted off the night before and everything seems normal, as if you’re ready to get up…

Mattress retailers are finding success online.

Buy a Bed From Your Bed

  When Tyler Swanson began his search for a new mattress, the idea of buying one off of the Internet struck him as odd. “Super weird, actually,” he says. “It was hard to even imagine…