Best Late Night Eats in Minneapolis

Mickey's Diner in St. Paul.Mickey's Diner in St. Paul.

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Hard Times Café

(Cedar-Riverside Neighborhood)

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Focusing on mostly vegan dishes, this local café is open daily from 6 a.m. to 4 a.m. The vegetarian quesadilla, filled with gooey cheese and protein-rich black or pinto beans, with a side of crisp hash browns, is this café’s most popular late night favorite.

Uptown Diner


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One of the few 24-hour weekend diners in the area, this Uptown hot spot serves up breakfast all hours of the night. Their Cajun breakfast, heaps of hash browns topped with runny eggs and velvety hollandaise sauce, is a trendy late night treat. As is their Tex-Mex burrito, a spicy tortilla stuffed with crispy hash browns, need we say more?

Dulono’s Pizza


Late Night Eats
This pizza joint serves and delivers pizza until 3 a.m., and has been since 1957. Topped with sausage, pepperoni and all the fixings, the house pizza is known as a late night front-runner. Dulono’s unexpected fan favorite? Their made to order, hand breaded fried chicken.

Taqueria La Hacienda
(Lake St.)

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This authentic Mexican joint dishes out your south of the border favorites. Open 24 hours on weekends, Taqueria La Hacienda is famous for their Tacos Al Pastor, tortillas filled with a slow-cooked combination of pork, chilies and pineapple.

Mickey’s Diner
(Downtown St. Paul)

Mickey's Diner in St. Paul.

Mickey’s diner prepares beloved diner specialties 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The kitchen inside their famous art-deco inspired dining car serves breakfast all-day, and their most popular late night dish is the cluck-n-chuck- a juicy flat-top grilled burger topped with a runny fried egg.