Buy a Bed From Your Bed

Mattress retailers are finding success online.Mattress retailers are finding success online.


When Tyler Swanson began his search for a new mattress, the idea of buying one off of the Internet struck him as odd.

“Super weird, actually,” he says. “It was hard to even imagine it.”

But when Swanson brought his search to a more traditional in-store retailer, he quickly became disillusioned by the idea of brick and mortar shopping. “We walked into that place and you just get bombarded with guys trying to upsell me on these like $4,000 mattresses,” Swanson says.

Instead, Swanson took his search online. He, like many others currently in the market for a new mattress, came across the exploding field of online-only mattress retailers. According to Investment Weekly News, one of these retailers—Casper—has become one of the fastest growing consumer brands ever, having earned $1 million in revenue during the first 28 days after its launch in April of last year. Casper and similar brands like Leesa, Yogabed, and Tuft & Needle, are now cutting through traditional mattress competition by marketing to younger demographics online, simplifying their product lineups, and making payment and delivery as easy as possible.

Swanson first saw advertisements for Casper mattresses on He decided to follow people on Twitter who had purchased the mattress to see their reactions to buying something as important as a mattress online. “I started digging into the reviews and Casper just had amazing reviews all around and I kept getting these promo codes and then finally I decided one day that I’d bite the bullet,” Swanson says.

Three days later, his mattress showed up in a box. A deliveryman brought it up to his third-floor apartment.

So what’s the catch? Well, for one, customers won’t find much variety within Casper and the others. Each brand offers only one model of mattress. If it’s too soft or too firm for your liking, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

But what Casper and the others lack in variety of products, they seem to be making up for with customer satisfaction, and it wouldn’t be surprising if these new online-only brands are making traditional mattress stores sleep a little uneasy.

“I live in Uptown area and there’s a new mattress firm there,” Swanson says. “You walk by the place and I’ve never, ever seen anyone there.”